2015 was the centenary year of the Turkish Cinema. In order to introduce and spread the culture of Turkish Cinema, Latin America and Caribbean regions were chosen as a location for this project. Within the scope of the festival, film screenings were held in the capital of the Republic of Cuba, Havana, the capital of the Republic of Chile, Santiago and the capital of the Federal Republic of Brazil also the largest city in the continent, Sao Paulo.

This project is referred to as ‘Turkish Movie Events’ and the aim of the project is introducing Turkish Culture and Art to foreigners. It was held between November 20 and December 3, 2015.

With the signature of the Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation, Chile has become the first Latin American country, which entitled the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, 2006 was declared as ‘Latin America and Caribbean Year’ in Turkey.

The Latin American Countries, which have become an increasingly important market for the cinema industry, where the purpose of this project would have the highest impact by sharing cross cultural values between countries which, both with the modern lifestyle and traditional manners are still preserved.

Latin America Turkish Film Festival has become the most wide ranged publicity event implemented for the cinema industry. By this project, Turkish Culture and Art were introduced to Latin America countries and awareness of the Turkish Films has raised via cinema industry.