World’s one of the most important and biggest international events EXPO2016 has held in Antalya between 23rd of April and 30th of October and it has been very first time for Turkey. It has planned to host more than 8.000.000 local and foreigner visitors where the main theme of this giant event was ‘Flowers and Children’ and its slogan was ‘To Make Future Green’.

Visited by participants from all ages, activities for participants is planned in 3 main categories according to their group of ages. In ‘Children’s’ Island’, creative workshops and Concept Group Workshops performed for the children in ages between 4-10, in ‘Children’s Activity Area’ there were inflatable games for ages between 0-6 and 7-15 respectively and in Outdoor Activity Field, there were inflatable games, Team Workshops and Amusement Park for children older than 18 years. In addition to the children, young people who participated in activities appropriate for their development and amusement in each category, a musical for children called ‘A Day in the Forest’ (Sevgi Bahçesi) at Small Amphitheatre and dance show for adults named ‘Çelebi’ at Grand Amphitheatre performed several times both in Turkish and English in each day during the EXPO2016 Calendar. A total of approximately 20.000 social and cultural events met with attendees during the EXPO2016 Antalya with Pera Event organization for total of 191 days.


Thrilled by his dream, wished for intercession but yet found peregrination instead by mispronounced to the Prophet, while talking to him. He has started his journey to the worlds’ undiscovered destinations, lands of Europe and Anatolia afterwards. During his visits to these lands, he had kinds of new things to tell but in the end, he recognized the fact that ‘Flowers and Children’ would be his awareness while his pursuit. At the end of his journey, his major achievement called ‘Seyahatname’ has written.

‘Çelebi’ has performed at Grand Amphitheatre at EXPO2016 for 3 times a day.

Sevgi Bahçesi

Ece and Efe, are sisters and brothers who live by the foothills of Toros Mountains in Antalya. Animals and plants are the best friends of them. One fine day, they take the book given by their parents as a present and goes to the woods with it. Suddenly, Ece accidentally drops the book and ‘Peony Seed’ falls into the soil. By the dates, Ece & Efe’s mothers’ birthday is approaching and they want to grow the seed into a beautiful flower and present it as a gift for her. For growing the seed, they get help from trees, sun, clouds and animals in company with dance and music. When they say the keywords ‘Flowers and Children’, Turkish famous fictitious characters appear from the book. Nasreddin Hodja, Karacaoglan ve Kaloghlan advise Ece and Efe how to grow the seed. They consider those advices along with their love, Peony Seed grows. They present it to their mother and promise to come often for looking after this beautiful Peony flower.