20 June 2013

Athletes from the Mediterranean Basin gather for the Mediterranean Games once every four years. Covering many sport branches, Mediterranean Games is the second most important organization coming after the Olympic Games.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XVII. Mediterranean Games held in Mersin between 20-30 June 2013 has taken place in Mersin Stadium with 25.000 seater capacity which was built for the Mediterranean Games.

The opening ceremony of the organization was implemented together by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge.

Ceremonies have broadcasted live by television channels of 104 countries.

XVII. Mediterranean Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies with numbers:
  • 1622 dancers took place.
  • 126 foreign, 211 local and 219 back stage thus in total 943 technical staff worked.
  • 58 projection devices used.
  • 4300 costumes produced. Arzu Kaprol designed costumes.
  • 145 minutes of audio was composed. Musical director was Fahir Atakoğlu.
  • 187 trucks, 98 of which came from abroad, carried equipment.
  • 8.2 tons of fireworks were used.
  • Food consumption was worth 58 thousand and 626 people’s rations, water consumption was 8.2 tons.
  • 320 transportation vehicles were used for service.