Pera Event is an international service agency which is operative for Special Events, M.I.C.E. Entertainment and Event Counselling areas.

Pera Event, operating centralized in Istanbul and with global business partners, offers solutions to customers in a holistic service concept with brands in corporate body such as Pera TV, Speakers Globe, Pera Show and Istanbul Speakers Bureau.


Pera Event is an International Service Agency, specialized at international cultural and entertainment events, multi-discipline sports events and special events. Pera Event offers a staff who prepares and manages whole details of the organization along with a creative team who generates concepts and arranges opening and closing ceremonies for special events. Pera Event, is the leading company of the market which has authenticity, creativity and management capability in special events with solution partners in 7 different countries in the world, offers services centered in Istanbul. It watches all of the new technologies of the current entertainment globe closely and implements them in projects. It offers all opportunities as a whole to customers from video mapping to fireworks shows, from lighting displays to engineering based scene performances.<


Pera Event has been the arranger and organizator for many international congresses in Turkey. It offers all services as a whole with the corporate body containing Speakers Globe, Istanbul Speakers Bureau and Look Travel Agency. Pera Event has undertaken the organizations of important meetings in many countries over the world and successfully accomplished over 50 International Congresses in Turkey.


Pera Show is a solution agency which produces innovations for the show world with a creative team. They present the most important festivals, theaters, dance and music shows to viewers in their projects. Insider Company which is also in the corporate body, consists of a team which is productive in motives of creative scene arts and share the dynamics in the entertainment sector.


Pera offers TV Broadcasting in which the passive viewer is important, along with shows for active viewers. PERA TV, in the corporate body, is an event broadcaster which shares this service with the whole world.

Controls all the dynamics of the broadcasting technologies in the world. Works with the most important directors of the world in the events and interprets projects to the world. Presents the magnificent shows to screen perfectly and smoothly with the best technology and team. Pera is an event company which has been awarded with many trophies for events over broadcasting.


Pera Event is an event company which rotates your thoughts. Applies appropriate strategies regarding the projects in many different areas by blending with the creative vision and experience.

Offers counseling for delivering all events from the biggest to the tiniest and offers solution recommendations. Pera Event also offers counseling services to customers for planning event areas, personnel, transportation, budget, accommodation, stage arts, securing artists, design solutions, engineering applications, viewer services, broadcasting, concept arrangement, sound, lighting, video solutions, code of protocol, impact analysis, public opinion surveys and such service topics.